Women's Motorcycle Gloves

Women's motorcycle gloves are available in many of the same styles that are made for male riders. Some of the gloves are intended for racers. This gear may feature additional reinforcement, such as molded knuckles and finger protectors. While the basic design of women's motorcycle gloves may be similar to the styles that are available for men, women can find a greater variety of aesthetic designs. In addition to riding gear that is black or shades of gray, female riding gloves are available in pretty pastel colors and wild-animal prints. This apparel can be paired with riding gear, such as pants and jackets, to create an eye-catching appearance.

Variety in Women's Motorcycle Gloves

Some women's motorcycle riding gloves are designed for racing. These styles often feature additional protection around the entire hand, with added padding or reinforcement on the knuckles and fingers. Most designs include increased thickness along the palm, as this area may be pulled along the pavement and subjected to road rash in the event of a fall. Some female riders may prefer gear that appears stylish while still providing the same level of protection. Numerous designs are available that resemble winter gloves but include extra padding.

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