Women's Motorcycle Boots

There are many styles of women's motorcycle boots that ladies can consider when buying riding gear. While they can make a stylish statement, the different styles of women's boots are actually available for various types of riding. Buyers will find that street, or touring, motorcycle boots differ from racing boots in the amount of protection they provide. Even among touring styles, though, a range of options is available, from short women's boots to those that come more than a foot up the leg.

Features of Women's Motorcycle Boots

Regardless of the type of women's motorcycle boot that a buyer selects, there are important features that are common to all styles. Most boots include additional support on the area of the boot that is used to shift gears. This prolongs the lifetime of the equipment, as this area can wear faster than other parts of the boot. Some boots may also include exterior buckles to provide a closer, yet still comfortable, fit. They may also incorporate systems that allow for the boots to be put on or removed without unlacing them. One feature that buyers will find absent from women's motorcycle boots is high heels. Most heels are no more than half an inch in height, as the lower height allows for better control when riding the motorcycle.

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