Summer Motorcycle Gloves

During the summer months, motorcycle riders want to use different gloves than they do during the winter. In the winter months, riders must contend with lower temperatures in many parts of the United States and Canada. As a result, they may select gloves that offer more insulation. In the summer, however, this insulation is not necessary and may make the rider uncomfortable, causing him to perspire more underneath his riding gear, which is both unpleasant and potentially unsafe.

Choose Motorcycle Gloves for Summer Weather

When riding in warmer weather, riders want to select equipment that breathes. Motorcycle gloves that are made entirely from leather may trap heat and be uncomfortable. As an alternative, riders may select motorcycle gloves that are made with mesh, which allows perspiration to escape. To provide a high degree of protection, the mesh body of these gloves is supplemented with leather covering on the palm. They may also include armor around the fingers and knuckles. Those who still prefer leather motorcycle gloves may consider styles that include small perforations over the surface. This design allows riders to wrap their hands in leather, which can protect them during an accident but not trap as much heat during the summer as other styles of leather gloves.

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