Street Motorcycle Gloves

The level of protection offered by street motorcycle gloves differs from that provided by racing gloves. Individuals who will be racing need protective gear that can protect their bodies in the event of accidents at high speeds. Gloves that are designed for motorcycle racing may include pre-curved plastic or composite material over the fingers and knuckles. Those who will be riding their motorcycles on the streets or highways at lower speeds may be able to find protective gear that is more comfortable because they do not require as much armor at lower speeds.

Street Motorcycle Gloves for Each Season

While riders require the same level of protection from one season to the next, the type of gear that will be most comfortable changes throughout the course of the year. In the winter months, riders may prefer street gloves that include additional insulation. On the other hand, in the summer, riders may prefer gloves that lack insulation and minimize the amount of perspiration that accumulates inside the gloves. Just as there are different styles of street gloves for motorcycle riders, there are also different designs of pants and jackets that are meant for various seasons and types of riding. Like gloves, jackets and pants designed for street use will differ in the amount of heat they trap, the extent to which they are waterproof, and the amount and type of armor they have.

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