Street Motorcycle Boots

Street motorcycle boots must be comfortable for individuals to wear while they are riding, but they must also provide sufficient protection in the event of an accident. Unlike styles of boots that are purely fashionable, street motorcycle boots cannot include tall heels. The heels on motorcycle boots, whether they are street or racing boots, are usually less than half an inch in height. In contrast to more casual shoes, boots often extend approximately one foot along the leg. While this may restrict motion to some degree, the leather exterior can reduce the extent of injuries should a rider fall and experience impact with the pavement.

Incorporate Street Motorcycle Boots into the Set of Protective Gear

For instance:

  • A helmet is an essential piece of protective gear and is required by law in a number of states. While there are only a few states in which helmets are not required, some states require them just for specific age groups.
  • Just as street motorcycle boots can protect riders' ankles and feet, gloves can protect riders' fingers and hands in the event they fall.
  • Suits, jackets, and pants can insulate the body. These are available in materials including leather and textiles, allowing riders to choose the styles in which they are most comfortable, depending on the season and the likely natural elements with which they will contend.
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