Snowmobile Helmets

Modular snowmobile helmets are rapidly increasing in popularity. These models provide coverage for the entire face. During breaks, though, a rider has the ability to lift up the face shield and the chin bar. The modular design makes it easier for snowmobile riders to engage in conversations with other riders or leave their helmets on during breaks. When searching for a modular or full-face snowmobile helmet, there are many features that riders should consider.

Advanced Features in Modular Snowmobile Helmets for Youth and Adult Riders

One of the chief concerns that riders have when using full-face and modular helmets is that the face shield will get foggy. This can occur easily in cold weather, as the warm air from a rider's breath may become trapped under the helmet. Models with ventilation systems, like the HJC CL MAX, include vents on the front and rear of the shell. The design of the airflow system ensures that heat and humidity are able to escape. Riders may also consider looking for models with shells constructed from composite materials. In addition to the safety features of the helmet, they should also seek design elements that will enhance their comfort. Interior padding can ensure that the helmet remains in a comfortable position.

Up North Sports carries a large selection of modular, open-face, and full-face snowmobile helmets in youth and adult sizes. In addition to this equipment, riders can also find apparel and equipment at discounted prices.