Motorcycle Pants

Motorcycle pants are essential protective clothing that should be worn when riding a bike. In the event that someone riding a motorcycle falls from the bike, he may incur serious injury by landing on the road and skidding along it due to his momentum. Motorcycle pants are designed to provide protection from road rash and reduce the extent of injuries in the event of accidents.

There are two groups of material that are commonly used in designing motorcycle pants. Leather apparel may have the strongest association with motorcycle riding from an aesthetic standpoint. There is, however, a very practical reason for riders to choose to wear leather jackets and pants. Unlike other fabrics, leather can withstand the damage that can occur when a rider slides along pavement. It doesn't tear quickly, exposing the rider's skin to the road.

Choosing between Leather and Textile Motorcycle Pants and Clothing

One of the limitations of leather pants, however, is that they may be uncomfortable.

  • Textile pants, constructed from materials like nylon and Kevlar, can provide the same protection of leather clothing but may be more comfortable.
  • Riders who are commuting may also find the increased number of pockets on many textile garments more practical.
Textile riding clothing can also be worn over other garments, making it a popular choice among commuters.

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