Motorcycle Jackets

In addition to serving as fashionable attire, motorcycle jackets are essential pieces of safety equipment. Motorcycle riders must contend not only with the natural elements they will encounter while riding, but also with the potential for an accident. Motorcycle jackets provide more protection than styles that are not constructed from materials that are as thick or durable.

Types of Motorcycle Jackets

Motorcycle riders can find jackets that are made from leather and textiles, both of which are available in styles and sizes for men and women. Heavy leather can provide protection in the event of a fall. One of the limitations of these motorcycle jackets, however, is that they may not be waterproof and may cause the rider to be very warm during the summer months. As an alternative to leather motorcycle jackets, riders may opt for riding clothing that is constructed from manufactured textiles like Rock Tex. These form-fitting motorcycle jackets are comfortable to wear on extended rides, as they are constructed from material that is breathable. They also feature many pockets that can be used to hold accessories, such as portable audio players. Riders may also choose to buy safety equipment, such as spine pads that can be inserted into the clothing.

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