Motorcycle Gloves

Though motorcycle jackets and pants cover a greater portion of the body, gloves are another piece of equally important protective gear. Motorcycle gloves can keep a rider's hands warm in wind and low temperatures. In addition to providing a degree of protection from the elements, motorcycle gloves may be reinforced to offer a measure of safety in the event of an accident. Due to the speeds at which riders may be traveling, they may tumble or slide along the pavement for an extended distance. Reinforcement on the palm can reduce the amount of damage that the hands sustain.

Styles of Motorcycle Racing Gloves

Consequently, there are different styles available that customers can buy at discount prices.

  • Gloves that will be worn when riding on the road may need to keep a rider's hands warm, so they may feature a gauntlet that extends beyond the wrist.
  • These motorcycle gloves may also be constructed of waterproof material to keep the hands dry, allowing riders to remain comfortable and better control the motorcycle when it rains.
  • Racing gloves may feature additional armor on the fingers to provide added protection at the speeds racers are likely to attain.
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