Motorcycle Boots

There are many styles of motorcycle boots that riders can choose when selecting gear for themselves or their riding companions. In addition to considering different styles of boots, they will also need to know about the types of materials from which boots are constructed. Most motorcycle boots feature leather construction, sometimes with steel toes, providing maximum possible protection in the event of accidents. In addition to the leather exteriors, different styles of boots may include features that are specific to various styles of riding.

Styles of Motorcycle Boots

Motorcycle riders who race often travel at higher speeds than those who ride on streets or highways. As a result, racing boots may include plastic, composite material or metal on the exterior to provide additional protection in the event of an accident. As with other racing gear, the armor cladding is designed to reduce the extent of injuries, such as abrasions, as well as to provide protection from the impact. Touring boots, on the other hand, do not feature as much protection as racing boots because they are not designed for the same speeds. Both styles of motorcycle boots may include quick-lacing systems that make it easier to put the boots on and remove them.

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