Motorcycle Gear and Apparel

Motorcycle gear serves two purposes: helping you look good and protecting you while you ride. If you own a motorcycle, you should invest in quality leather apparel or clothing made of a similarly rugged material. A biker's standard wardrobe should include a jacket and pants, as well as sturdy boots, long-lasting gloves and a light-weight helmet that passes today's toughest safety tests.

Motorcycle leathers are often the top choice because, unlike clothing designed for fashion, leather is strong and helps protect your skin from abrasions and other minor injuries if you come in contact with the road. Good leather alternatives include ballistic nylon and Kevlar, which also can shield you from the weather. In addition, nylon and Kevlar may dry faster than leather and typically do not retain as much heat.

When shopping for motorcycle apparel, you need to make sure you get a proper fit. Clothing that's too loose or restrictive can be an uncomfortable distraction while you ride and may even pose a safety risk.

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