Leather Motorcycle Pants

In addition to providing an attention-grabbing appearance when paired with a matching jacket, leather motorcycle pants can provide riders with more protection than regular street apparel will offer. Clothing that is made from fabrics like cotton does not offer much protection from either the elements or injuries that can result from riding a motorcycle. In contrast, different styles of leather motorcycle pants offer superior protection, thanks to the leather employed and specific design elements developed expressly for those purposes.

Designs of Leather Motorcycle Pants

Among the styles of leather motorcycle pants from which riders can choose are racing pants and overpants. Overpants are intended to be worn over street apparel while racing pants are designed to be worn on their own. Both styles may include supplemental protection, such as dense padding around the waist and hips and composite or metal shielding around the knees. Depending on the manufacturer of the clothing, riders may be able to connect the pants to their jackets to create a seamless suit that will shield them from many injuries.

Some riders may find that they are not comfortable in the leather styles that are available. In this case, they may prefer to wear textile motorcycle pants. Like leather clothing, textiles like ballistic nylon resist damage more than street apparel, making them better choices for riders.

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