Leather Motorcycle Gloves

Leather motorcycle gloves offer riders some of the protection they need in the event of an accident. The durability of leather can shield hands from the rough pavement, reducing or eliminating road rash. In addition to the level of protection it offers, buyers should also consider the comfort of the apparel when selecting safety gear. They can find leather motorcycle gloves that are appropriate for different uses, such as racing or street riding, as well as different styles for each season of the year.

Leather Motorcycle Gloves for Different Seasons

One of the concerns that riders have with leather safety gear is the amount of heat that the material can trap between the apparel and the skin. On long rides in warm weather, this can contribute to a rider's discomfort. As a solution, riders may consider gloves that include small perforations in the leather or motorcycle gloves made from a breathable fabric with leather padding on the palms. For riding in cooler weather, riders may prefer safety gear that features more insulation underneath the leather. This will enable them to remain comfortable in lower temperatures and help them to stay safe. In addition to leather gloves, a complete set of safety gear includes a helmet, jacket, pants, and boots. Some may prefer a one-piece suit in place of a leather jacket and a pair of pants.

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