Ladies' Motorcycle Boots

There are numerous types of ladies' motorcycle boots that not only increase the safety of those who are wearing them, but also match the styles with which the riders are most comfortable. Heavy leather is employed in the most common designs of ladies' motorcycle boots. One of the chief reasons for the use of heavy leather is the protection that it provides in the event of an accident. Tall ladies' motorcycle boots provide more protection than the material from which standard pants are constructed, offering defense again abrasions cause by the road.

Popular Styles of Ladies' Motorcycle Boots

Depending on the style of the boot, it may rise up the leg or be much shorter and resemble a shoe. One of the most popular styles of ladies' motorcycle boots is the harness boot. This design features a leather strap across the front of the ankle, one across the back of the ankle, and vertical straps rising from the base of the boot. These four straps come together in a design that resembles a harness. The height to which the leather boot rises can also shield riders from the height generated by the motorcycle. Other common styles of ladies' motorcycle boots include touring, racing, and engineer boots.

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